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Bilingual · Foreign Business|全

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Bilingual·ForeignBusiness|全球最具价值品牌名单谁家上榜? 2018-05-3117:41来源:经济日报阿里巴巴/谷歌/腾讯 原标题:Bilingual·ForeignBusiness|全球最具价值品牌名单谁家上榜?大家好!“外企头条”栏目又跟大家见面了,今天的主要内容

Bilingual · Foreign Business|全球最具价值品牌名单谁家上榜?

2018-05-31 17:41来源:经济日报阿里巴巴/谷歌/腾讯

原标题:Bilingual · Foreign Business|全球最具价值品牌名单谁家上榜?


汽车 | 大众订购480亿美元电动汽车电池

VW Just Ordered $48 Billion in Electric Car Batteries

技术 | 巴斯夫推出臭氧催化净化技术

BASF Introduces New Catalyst For Improving Indoor Air Quality

品牌 | 全球最有价值品牌名单出炉

A List of The World’s Most Valuable Brands Is Out

航空 | 波音公务机取得新销售业绩

Boeing Business Jets Grows Order Book With New Sales



VW Just Ordered $48 Billion in Electric Car Batteries


According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen has awarded battery-purchasing contracts worth 40 billion euros ($48 billion), double from just a few weeks ago. The deals take the German manufacturer within striking distance of a sought-for 50 billion-euro total.


By 2025, VW plans to sell as many as 3 million all-electric cars per year, Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess told investors last Thursday at the annual shareholder meeting in Berlin.


“By 2020 we will offer our customers more than 25 new electric models and more than 20 plug-in hybrids,” Diess said. “In just a few years' time, then, across all brands and regions, we aim to put the world’s largest fleet of electric vehicles on the road.”

奥迪品牌是大众最大的利润来源,它将从8月底开始生产首款纯电动SUV,其姊妹品牌保时捷也将在明年生产四门四座纯电动跑车Mission E。

VW’s Audi brand, the group’s largest earnings contributor, will start production of its first all-electric SUV at the end of August, followed by the four-door coupe Mission E from sister brand Porsche next year.


VW’s namesake brand will start to roll out the new I.D. range of battery-powered vehicles from 2020, which will be priced at comparable levels to similar combustion engine vehicles.


BASF Introduces New Catalyst For Improving Indoor Air Quality


Breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems, particularly for children, the elderly, and people of all ages who have lung diseases, such as asthma.


BASF recently launched its latest catalyst innovation, PremAir BLD, to remove indoor ozone pollution.


The new catalyst has been shown in field trials to rapidly remove ozone at room temperatures with high conversion efficiency, while maintaining a high level of performance over a longer period of time than existing market technologies.


“The high ozone removal efficiency of this new technology provides a healthy indoor living environment and can reduce the cost associated with frequent filter changes,” said Ying Wu, General Manager of BASF’s Clean Air Business.


A List of The World’s Most Valuable Brands Is Out


According to CNN, a new list of the world’s most valuable brands is out, and China has claimed two of the top spots for the first time.


Alibaba has joined the top 10, alongside Chinese tech group Tencent, as well as stalwarts such as Google (GOOGL) and Apple (AAPL).


Ranked at No. 9, Jack Ma’s Alibaba has seen its brand value nearly double to $113 billion as the e-commerce company has expanded further into fields such as mobile payments and cloud computing.


Shenzhen-based Tencent (TCEHY) broke into the annual BrandZ top 10 ranking in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength over the past year. It now holds fifth place — behind Google, Apple, Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT) but above Facebook (FB) — with a brand value of $179 billion, up 65% compared to last year.

BrandZ负责人Doreen Wang表示,中国的崛起和更加现实的年轻消费者为发展中的新企业创造了机会。

Doreen Wang, the head of BrandZ, said the rise of China and savvy young consumers has created opportunities for smart entrepreneurs.


The BrandZ ranking is published annually by WPP (WPPGF) and Kantar Millward Brown. Google has been at the top of the ranking for eight of the past 12 years. Its brand is currently valued at $302 billion, up 23% from last year.


Here’s the list of the top 10: Google、Apple、Amazon、Microsoft、Tencent、Facebook、Visa、McDonald’s、Alibaba、AT&T.


Boeing Business Jets Grows Order Book With New Sales


Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) have won four new orders in 2018 as elite customers continue to favor Boeing’s portfolio of ultra-large-cabin, long-range airplanes, the company announced at the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE).


The new orders this year follow an impressive 2017 in which customers purchased 16 Boeing Business Jets.

今年收获的新订单中有两架是BBJ MAX飞机,使该机型的储备订单增加到19架并成为历史上最畅销的公务机之一。

Two of the new orders this year are for the BBJ MAX airplane, adding to a backlog of 19 airplanes and making the BBJ MAX one of the selling business jetliners in history.

基于新的737 MAX飞机的BBJ MAX得益于先进发动机和改进的气动外形,燃油效率提高14%。该机型还采用了787风格的驾驶舱显示器和多种新型先进系统。

Based on the new 737 MAX airplane, the BBJ MAX delivers 14 percent better fuel efficiency thanks to advanced engines and improved aerodynamics. The model also features 787-style flight deck displays and multiple advanced new systems.


“We continue to see a lot of customer interest in Boeing’s family of business jets and that is translating into new orders and a growing backlog,”said Greg Laxton, leader of Boeing Business Jets. “Customers seek more space and greater range, which is driving significant growth in the large cabin segment.”


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